A Handful of South Wind


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A Bedouin legend says that God created the Arabian horse from a handful of South wind.

The metallic glaze really contrasts the carbon black unglazed areas. 

Note: This piece has a hairline crack caused by the extreme temperature changes of firing. The crack does not affect the structural integrity of the piece, and is barely visible.

Title: A Handful of South Wind
Medium: Raku fired ceramic
Size: 8(H) x 10(L) in

What is raku? Glowing red hot ceramic pieces are taken from the kiln and placed in a material that catches fire, such as sawdust. They are then enclosed in a container with the flames. The lack of oxygen gives the glazes striking colours and patterns. Areas with no glaze take oxygen from the clay itself, leaving them with a beautiful matte black colour.


This is a one-of-a-kind sculpture. No others of its kind exist or will be reproduced.

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