Big Star - unique custom horse portrait sculpture - Susie Benes

Big Star

11.5cm (4.5in) at widest part and 33cm tall (13in) including base
Wire, clay, acrylic, wood


A horse's foot can signify many things: strength, grace, beauty.

This is a unique hoof portrait of the near (left) hind rear foot of Nick Skelton's Dutch Warmblood, Big Star, who helped Skelton win the individual gold medal in show jumping at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

The paint was applied in a watercolour style that creates delicate layers and also a lovely fluid sense of movement.

The hoof surface has a fine texture and has been decorated with a combination of acrylic paint as well as dry pigments, and the entire piece has been sealed in an archival matte varnish to preserve the colours.

This piece is mounted on a piece of stained solid West Coast cedar that has a hand-rubbed finish.

Private Collection

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