Hourglass - Susie Benes


H 17 x L 19 x W 18 cm (6.7 x 7.5 x 7 in)
Wire, clay, acrylic, gold leaf


A small study for a larger sculpture currently in production. This maquette depicts a young Arabian foal standing in the sand. A blue talisman hangs from his neck and blows in the desert wind. His dark brown coat slowly fading into the colour of the sand. 

This piece began as a meditation on the theme of youth, but through its creation has slowly also come to examine the brevity of life.

The majority of the paint was applied using my fingers, which not only gives the subject a sense of immediacy, but also left behind some trace of my finger prints in the paint. Perhaps this may be the closest any of us comes to immortality.

The sculpture has a felt pad on the bottom to ensure it sits comfortably on any surface.

 Private Collection

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