Equine Vignette: Untouched by horse artist Susie Benes


An equine vignette: This small evocative horse sculpture captures the spirit of winter with a foal in the midst of freshly falling snow, dusting everything in untouched powder.


Title: Untouched

Medium: Lightweight clay over a wire matrix, painted with acrylics and finished in archival varnish
Size: 12cm tall (4.7in)

This is a one-of-a-kind sculpture. No others of its kind exist or will be reproduced.

Shipping to USA - $20
Shipping in Canada - Free


Sculptures are package in their own foam insets to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.


About the sculptures
All of my horse sculptures are painstakingly hand-made, without molds, and each piece is unique. The sculptures are individually constructed using lightweight clay over a strong and complex armature that allows for delicate details, but provides maximum strength for the sculpture to withstand transport and handling.

The primary materials are non-toxic air drying clays. These clays are museum grade and are selected for their strength and archival properties, to ensure that they can withstand the test of time. Surface decoration often consists of several mediums: acrylics, acrylic gouache, and/or raw powdered pigments. All materials are of the highest artist grade and selected for their lightfastness and superiority.

Each sculpture is finished with a sealer to intensify colours and ensure it is protected from UV rays. 

Only the finest quality materials have been used to produce your sculpture, and proper care will ensure it lasts a lifetime.

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