December 29, 2015

Lightweight, but Lacking: Brief Half Cilla Review

Lightweight, but Lacking: Brief Half Cilla Review

The above sculpture was made with Creative Paperclay, not Half Cilla

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Half Cilla is an air-dry clay produced by the same company that makes Creative Paperclay. Although it's marketed as a potentially stronger and lighter alternative to Creative Paperclay, Half Cilla unfortunately falls short in several areas compared to its sister product.

While Half Cilla is indeed lighter and less prone to denting, it struggles to hold fine details and doesn't adhere well to armature materials. Furthermore, this clay is challenging to sand smoothly, which can be a deal breaker for some.

When I ordered my last batch of Creative Paperclay, I also got several packages of Half Cilla to try. After using them, I realized that I prefer other air-dry clays over Half Cilla. I ended up using this clay to reinforce armatures, but its adhesion issues haven't convinced me to repurchase it. I find that many clays that are distinctly advertised as "lightweight" do not allow for more gestural work.

If you're looking for a lightweight, strong air-dry clay with less texture than Creative Paperclay, I highly recommend giving La Doll Premier a try. This exceptional clay offers a great balance between smoothness, strength and weight. Stay tuned for a spotlight on La Doll Premier next week.


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