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About the Artist

They all told me I'd grow out of it.

As a child, I ran around on all fours even though I could walk. As a teen, I preferred to muck out stalls than go to the mall. As an adult, I find myself avidly discussing the finer points of a working canter. I’m one of those for whom horses are not simply a passing fancy, but an enduring passion and a daily inspiration.

Horses have always formed the basis of my creative expression: they are the muse, medium, and subjects of my art. Nevertheless, my work strives to go beyond a traditional representation of horses, and seeks to identify what constitute an “essential horse”, in both form and function. Through this exploration I focus on gaining a deeper understanding not only of my relationship to horses, but also to myself.

Originally from Toronto, ON, I've lived in the Czech Republic and England, where I completed a master’s degree in the history of art from the University of Oxford. My education has grounded my work in a strong theoretical and conceptual basis, as well as an aesthetic one.

I work in non-toxic, lightweight clay. Sculptures made from these artist quality clays can mimic the look of ceramic, but are lighter and very durable. They allow for new techniques and styles not necessarily available to traditional mediums. You can read about the clays and techniques on my blog.

Check out the Portfolio of my past works and the Shop section for a selection of what's currently available. I also take commissions for custom work, which can be read about here.

Hopefully my horses will inspire you and remind you why you also never “grew out of it”.


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