About the Artist

 They all told me I'd grow out of it, but for me horses are an enduring inspiration.

My creative expression has always been driven by a deep passion for horses, and yet it took many years for me to realize that making art was an important part of my life.

My education in art history gave me a strong theoretical and conceptual foundation, but my technique is almost entirely self-taught. It has taken me many years to develop my unique style.

I chose to specialize in sculpture because three-dimensional works requires not only aesthetic considerations, but structural problem-solving as well. Each new work is a question to be answered or at the very least considered.

I currently work with air dry clay, ceramic, and paper, often mixing mediums to take advantage of each media's strengths. By consistently pushing the boundaries of materials, I create richly layered sculptures that can both challenge and delight the viewer.

For available artwork, visit the Art section. I also share tips and techniques for artists in my Blog


Circle Craft - Vancouver, Canada


2020 (Upcoming)
"An Equine Muse". Circle Craft - Vancouver, Canada

"Equine Art Gallery". Dressage Masterclass Weekend with Carl Hester - Langley, Canada

Circle Craft Art Market - Vancouver, Canada
(Received the Gold Award for Excellence in Craft)

"Art in the City" - Vancouver, Canada

"Equine Visions". WHAM Art Gallery - Surprise, AZ 

"Horse in Art". National Heritage Centre for Horseracing & Sporting Art at Palace House - Newmarket, UK

Harmony Arts Festival - West Vancouver, Canada

"Discovery: Line". Seymour Art Gallery - North Vancouver, Canada

"Positively Petite". Place des Arts Gallery - Coquitlam, Canada


University of Oxford - Masters in the History of Art

University of Toronto - Honours Bachelors in Art