May 28, 2020

Flying Solo: Art Exhibition Prep for July 2020

Flying Solo: Art Exhibition Prep for July 2020

Update: This exhibition has been postponed until July 2021

Times being what they are, my art show planned for July 2020 at the Circle Craft Gallery on Granville Island may not happen.

Being ever the optimist, I forge ahead, and I wanted to share an update of my preparations. In the worst case, I'll have some lovely new sculptures.

I knew that the subject of this exhibition would involve horses (no surprise there), and I also wanted to invoke a narrative, something I find very challenging in sculpture. After exploring and sketching various ideas, I decided on one of my favourite stories: the ancient Greek myth of Pegasus.

As a child one of my favourite movies was an animated film called "The Legend of Pegasus" narrated by Mia Farrow. It captured my imagination, and in some respect still does. I hope that the sculptures I create will speak to inspiration and the journey of the artist in pursuit of greatness.

Below are some images of pieces in progress:

Pegasus foal sculpture in air dry clay by Susie Benes

Pegasus horse air dry clay sculpture by Susie Benes

Mixed media horse sculpture by Susie Benes

Air dry clay Pegasus horse sculpture by Susie Benes


I promise more updates as everything comes together. Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your support. I hope these babies get their chance to shine soon!


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