October 04, 2021

Susie Benes Sculpture Exhibition 2021: Part II

Susie Benes Sculpture Exhibition 2021: Part II

For more details of this exhibition, check out the Part I blog postOtherwise, please enjoy these images.

4. "High Hopes"

The aging hero Bellerephon, in his hubris, decides to fly Pegasus to Mount Olympus. On the way up Zeus sends a gadfly to bite Pegasus, who rears up, causing Bellerephon to fall back to earth. You can see the golden trail the fly takes after stinging Pegasus.


5. "Dancing with Thunder"

While Bellerephon falls from his attempt at Mount Olympus, Zeus brings Pegasus to the realm of the gods. Having been so faithful to his rider, Zeus makes Pegasus his lightning bearer.

The body of Pegasus in this sculpture is supported by the lightning. His feet do not touch the ground.


6. "Stories in the Sky"

Pegasus is eventually immortalized as a constellation in the stars. The final sculpture in the series can rotate on its base to reveal both day and night sides.


7. "Flights of Fancy"

The story of Pegasus stands at the nexus between inspiration, the formative idea, and the artist’s own internal struggle to bring their creative thoughts to fruition

These delicate foals capture the joy that comes with the discovery of a new idea.


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