Lightweight, but Lacking: Brief Half Cilla Review - Susie Benes

Lightweight, but Lacking: Brief Half Cilla Review

Half Cilla is an air dry clay sold by the same company that sells Creative Paperclay. It’s a stronger and lighter version of CPC, but unfortunately, it has several disadvantages over its sister product.

While it is lighter and less likely to dent, it doesn’t hold details very well and it doesn’t adhere to armature materials very well. It also doesn’t sand very well.

I got several packages when I ordered by last batch of Creative Paperclay, and after using them, I’ve found that I prefer other air dry clays. I ended up using the Half Cilla to strengthen armatures, but its adhesion difficulties have not convinced me to re-purchase this clay.

If you’re searching for a very lightweight and strong air dry clay, you should try La Doll Premix, a really great air dry clay. I’ll post a spotlight on La Doll Premix next week, so check back.