Across the Ridge


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An image of a once wild West. The smoke has created a lovely patina on the porcelain clay that has been enhanced with a cold finish and beeswax. The tail was completed using an epoxy clay for strength.

Title: Across the Ridge
Medium: Smoke fired porcelain, mixed media
Size: 7.5(H) x 9(L) in

What is smoke firing?
The sculpture is placed in a fire-proof container, nested in wood and sawdust and allowed to slowly smoulder for several hours. The polished, unglazed surfaces become richly marked by the pattern of smoke and flame, imparting a soft earthiness. No two are the same: each sculpture is a surprise when removed from the kiln.


This is a one-of-a-kind sculpture. No others of its kind exist or will be reproduced.

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