From Blood, Wings

The story of Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology, is closely woven with that of the Muses, inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. In many ways, the legend of Pegasus mirrors the journey of the artist: from the birth and freedom of creation, to the taming of ideas which give way to the pitfalls of arrogance. In the end, perhaps fate decides whether the mark of the artist remains, maybe even written in the stars.

This sculpture captures Pegasus born from the blood of the slain Gorgon. 

The Gorgon was a beautiful woman with a head of snakes said to turn men into stone. She was decapitated by Perseus who used a mirrored shield so as not to look at her face directly.

Title: From Blood, Wings
Medium: Wire, clay, aluminium, paper, wood, acrylic
Size: 11in tall

This is part of the "Flying Solo" exhibition series.