H 34 x L 70 x W 17 cm (13.4 x 27.5 x 6.7 in)

Wood, clay, acrylic, powdered pigment, acrylic

A horse’s legs are what made him so useful in the early development of modern society. Marked examines the notion of linear time and the progressive trajectory of mankind in light of our relationship with the horse, an animal that shaped the evolution of civilization. There is a superstition that the legs of a horse with white markings are considered weaker, and as horses are now shaped by human beings, it seems function is often sacrificed over visual form.

This piece seeks to ask questions not only about the changing role of the horse from a leading force in history to a purely aesthetic object, but also whether progress itself is inevitable and perpetual, and if so, is it necessarily striving towards something positive.

This sculpture is mounted on a solid wood base.