Tokens of Tacit Memories


Wire, clay, acrylic, pigment powder

Our memories are fluid and incomplete, yet they are often the wellspring of inspiration for our creative endeavours. These tiny foal relics are tangible memorials to the unspoken and its significance to the human imagination.

No taller than 4in, there are 8 foals in this series:

Ace - "the best one" in Latin, this alert laying colt has a pink nose and two bold socks.

Akoni"worthy of praise" in Latin, this frisky paint is using his long legs for their most important purpose; running.

Alta - "elevated" in Latin, stretches to investigated something interesting she's found.

Amata - "beloved" in Latin, stands proudly showing off her long legs and pink nose.

Amias - "beloved" in Latin, is curled up for a peaceful nap next to his mother.

Argento - "like silver" in Latin, checks to see if his mum is still in sight.

Aureo - "golden" in Latin, is in her element, standing under an open sky.

Avis - "like a bird" in Latin, this filly has four white socks and a free spirit.

 Private Collections