Sculpting Horses in Air Dry Clay Book

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Are you creative and love horses?

A comprehensive instruction booklet that covers foundation and advanced air dry clay sculpting techniques to guide the beginner sculptor, and build their skills as they explore their creativity in this exciting modern sculpting medium!

With their fine legs, delicate ears and flowing tails, horses pose specific challenges when sculpting. This guide is aimed at adventurous adults and young aspiring artists who want to learn to sculpt horses in air dry clay.

This 25 page, full-colour booklet is the perfect gift for a creative horse-lover. 

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eBookThis is an instant-download e-book in both PDF and .epub formats. It will be delivered electronically.

Armature Template: This pdf print-out is included with the purchase of a book (printed and ebook), but in case you lose it, you can download it for free.

* this book is recommended for ages 12+. Manipulating wire can be dangerous and requires manual dexterity.

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09 Feb 2023

Sculpting horses in air dry clay

It was very informative and generous with information

Kirsty C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
03 Feb 2023

This is a helpful little book.

Terrific instruction on how to best apply the material, make armature, dry and finish the clay. Advanced sculpting techniques were helpful. I would like even more guidance to cover all parts of the horse's anatomy, with common misperceptions. I would really love to take a horse sculpting class taught by Susie.

Diohn B.
United States United States
29 Nov 2022

I wish I had known earlier!

A fantastic little book, every page filled with useful information. The photos were great and helped to illustrate the complete process of making a horse. I wish I had known sooner!

Robert B.
Canada Canada
20 Nov 2022

Loss for words

Didn’t think it was worth the wait .. but I’m sure there are others that found it worth while

Roxanne R.
United States United States
10 Jun 2022

Sculpting Book

Great book. I learned a lot. There are, of course, descriptions I would like a video demonstration of, but that goes with all instruction books.

Sioux W.
United States United States
03 Dec 2021

I purchased both books and am very impressed!

I purchased both books and am very impressed with the amount of information. Susie provides tips, troubleshooting, and a lot of information with pictures. I think one of the things I really liked the most in these books were the proportional measuring guides so you can take your sculpture poses beyond the template guides. I am familiar with wire twisting, so the pictures made sense to me. However, for someone struggling to twist the wires, consider wrapping the middle of your wire length around something solid and stable, like a metal table leg or a screw shank sticking out of a piece of wood (get creative here). Then twist the wires around each other tightly (roughly 6-8 wraps per inch is safety-wire standard) and trim to length. If you use an anchor like this, it's much easier to get evenly spaced twists throughout the length of your wire. Hope it helps someone.

Elyse G.
13 Nov 2021

Great tips!!!

I had trouble downloading and Susie was right there to help fix it! Enjoying the download now!! Great tips to get started in air dry clay!

Susan J.
United States United States
11 Aug 2021

Wonderful Book

Really Love the book and really looking forward to sculpting my own horses. xxxxx

Mrs A.
Australia Australia
27 Jul 2021

Helpful and good value

I liked the straightforward step by step approach and comprehensive information about materials and techniques. It was very handy to have it offered as an eBook so you could download it straight away for a cheaper price than a hardcopy.

Miriam A.
Australia Australia
28 May 2021

Fantastic guide to sculpting with paper clay!

This book is extremely well written, and gives expert directions on how to sculpt a horse out of paper clay. It will be very useful to anyone who wants great tips on how to create a sculpture of any kind. The written directions and photographs give you exactly the information you need.Highly recommended.

Marie R.
United States United States
02 Apr 2021

Great guide!

Great guide and directions very clear

Stephanie B.
United States United States
02 Mar 2021

Book purchase

Excellent, would definitely recommend.

Wilma R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom