Sculpting Horses in Air Dry Clay - Sculpture Kit

Discontinued in 2019

Sculpting Horses in Air Dry Clay book is available.

Designed for adventurous amateur adults and young aspiring artists* who want to learn to sculpt horses in air dry clay. With their fine legs, delicate ears and flowing tails, horses pose specific challenges when sculpting.

This kit includes a package of non-toxic clay, essential sculpting tools, and a comprehensive instruction book covering foundation and advanced air dry clay sculpting techniques designed to guide the beginner sculptor and build their skills as they explore their creativity in this exciting modern medium.

Each kit includes:
- 1x 16oz. package of Creative Paperclay
- 10ft of Aluminum armature wire
- Wire mesh
- Small paintbrush for sculpting
- Wood sculpting tool
- Zip lock bag for storage
- Horse Armature template (for a 6" tall sculpture)
- Horse Proportion guide
- "Sculpting Horses in Air Dry Clay for Artists", a 28 page, full-colour instruction book

* The work detailed here would be discouraging to young children. A minimum age of 12 is suggested.